Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Fault 5: Pedestrian entrapment (example 1).

Highways Act 1980, Safety Provision, Section 66 (1): It is the duty of a highway authority to provide in or by the side of a highway maintainable at the public expense by them which consists of or comprises a made-up carriageway, a proper and sufficient footway as part of the highway in any case where they consider the provision of a footway as necessary or desirable for the safety or accommodation of pedestrians; and they may light any footway provided by them under this subsection.

Highways Act 1980, Safety Provision, Section 66 (8): A highway authority or council shall pay compensation to any person who sustains damage by reason of the execution by them of works under subsection (2) or (3) above.

Cheshire County Council's unapproved and bodged footway forces pedestrians, during icy conditions, to chose between three significant risk factors.
  • Use the adverse sloping footway and risk falling or,
  • use the road and risk being hit by a car or,
  • cross the carriageway on the bend so they can continue their journey on a level footway.

Design Bulletin 32 also states that a minimum width of 900 mm should be carried through past drives etc. to allow wheelchairs / prams to pass and avoid the ramps to dropped kerbs;

This is a significant and totally unnecessary risk for Cheshire County Council to place on an able bodied pedestrian let alone a disabled or elderly pedestrian.

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