Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Fault 7: Driver entrapment (example 2)

Sudden change of level. The crossing gradient exceeds the normal maximum allowed and drivers are faced with a significant change in level within 3 metres of the carriageway.

These are the Vehicular Access Standards some UK planning authorities insist on for accesses to a single dwelling.

10.1) None Rural Roads: The gradient of the access shall not normally exceed 4% over the first 10m outside the public road boundary (see section 13.4 for accesses onto trunk roads). The remainder of the access should have a gradient less than 10% so that it may be used during wintry weather. [4% = a 1 in 25 gradient, 10% = a 1 in 10 gradient.]

This is a significant and totally unnecessary risk for Cheshire County Council to place on road users but in particular those visiting my property with a vehicle.

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