Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Fault 1: No planning permission.

Cheshire County Council failed to apply for necessary planning permission to amend the original and approved design of the incomplete highway. They did this to avoid independent scrutiny of their bodged design. They may be exempt under the Town and Country Planning Act for any minor works they carry out to repair, maintain or improve an adopted highway, however, they were not repairing, maintaining or improving an adopted highway when they carried out the works in question. They were trying to complete a new highway, not yet adopted, to an altogether different and much lower standard to the plans originally approved by the planning department, bonded by the Developers insurance company and attached to the section 38 road adoption agreement. See photos above.

I did submit a complaint to the planning enforcement section at Vale Royal Borough Council only to be told that because the road is an adopted highway Cheshire County Council don't need planning permission. However, that totally ignores the fact that when the highway was bodged by Cheshire County Council it wasn't an adopted highway. I have asked for an explanation and review of their decision. Their response should be interesting!

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