Tuesday, 23 December 2008

£2.1 Million New Year Present for Cheshire Motorists and Pedestrians

£2.1 Million New Year Present for Cheshire Motorists and Pedestrians
Cheshire County Council is giving a £2.1 million New Year present to the motorists and pedestrians of Cheshire with extra funding being spent on road and pavement repairs.
Money will be spent repairing mainly estate and rural roads and pavements and it is hoped that the work will take place before the end of March. The amount to be spent in this area is £381,000. I wonder if they will correct any of the bodges on this road?
All they are doing is spending taxpayer's money that was earmarked for landfill. If they don't spend it before end of March they will lose it. This is normal practice for public authorities, particularly those that are just about to cease to exist. However, you could hardly call spending taxpayers money a Christmas present!
This is so, so ironic because the only reason Cheshire County Council bodged the road in the vicinity of my property was because they didn't have the money to do it properly.
Maybe they should earmark a proportion for future legal and court costs.

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