Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Design Standards

'A local authority will need to provide evidence that new works were safe and properly designed, and did not inadvertently trap road users into danger. A local authority may wish to cite in evidence that the works complied with appropriate standards or design guidance or according to principles that have been properly applied.'

Frequently asked question on Cheshire County Council's own website. How are roads on new housing estates adopted? Answer: Roads on new housing and industrial estates are designed and constructed to standards set out in the County Council's Design Aid for Housing, Industrial and Commercial Estate Roads'.

I have a copy of the County Council's Design Aid for Housing, Industrial and Commercial Estate Roads and can assure everyone that the road, although originally designed to the said standards by the developer, has not actually been constructed to those standards by Cheshire County Council.

Although Cheshire County Council charges for copies of their Design Aid many other Councils provide free access on-line.
North Lincolnshire is one such Council as is The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. When you consider that all County Council Design Aids are derived from the same sources you will appreciate why County Council Design Aids are very similar.

In addition design bulletin 32 (DB32) also gives guidance on the layout of residential roads and footpaths. The Institute of Civil Engineers also publishes a useful abstract about the bulletin.

A footway is required on each side of a local distributor road, unless it is quite clear that there will be no pedestrian traffic and a separate footpath system is provided. The minimum width of footway and footpaths is 1.8m but an informal alignment is preferred. A highway verge may be provided between the footway and the kerb, with a minimum width of 2m.

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