Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The underlying reason behind the bodged highway.

During the late 90's a Cheshire County Council Senior Engineer together with one of their own Surveyors carried out a detailed inspection of the 'as constructed' highway works on phase 1 of the development and compared the results against the approved plans. In front of witnesses the Senior Engineer remarked that there was something seriously wrong with the highway.

The problem they faced was that during 1992, without any prudent checks, the Highway Authority had foolishly given the Developer a part one certificate for the road. Essentially this accepted that the highway was being constructed as planned (even though it demonstrably wasn't). That meant that they couldn't now claim off the Developers insurance company to put matters right even though the highway was not as planned.

Therefore, the only option available to Cheshire County Council, should they wish to correct the faults, was to pay for the works themselves. Their reluctance to pay for the highway faults to be eliminated is the sole reason why they accepted rather than corrected any of the highway faults they had uncovered during their investigation. In essence they used their 'authority' to avoided the cost of their own negligence by accepting a bodged road.

When you also take into account that I had informed them about the highway problems well before they even signed the Section 38 Highway Adoption Agreement with the Developer and the Insurance Company it makes you wonder why they signed the agreement during 1991 let alone give the Developer a Part 1 compliance certificate during 1992. Was this just a double dose of incompetence or something more serious?

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