Thursday, 29 January 2009

A pyrrhic victory at Cheshire County Council taxpayers expense.

Some 10 years ago the council could have completed the highway to fully adoptable and safe standards by way of a simple and cheap amicable agreement with me. However, a solicitor stated they wouldn't do that because Cheshire County Council didn't have any money and wanted a 'zero cost' solution. However over the next 10 years Cheshire County Council proceeded to spend significantly more taxpayers money trying to obtain their 'so called' zero cost option than it would have cost to amicable resolve the situation in 1999. So who are the winners and losers.

The losers
  1. Local taxpayer have obviously lost because it has cost them substantially more money over the last ten years trying to complete the highway than it would have cost to resolve the problem 10 years ago.
  2. Local residents have lost because the adoption of the highway was delayed by an unnecessary extra 10 years.
  3. Road uses have lost because Cheshire County Council had to bodge the road in order to get it adopted.
The winners.
  1. There appears to be only one winner in all this and that's the legal department at Cheshire County Council. In a sort of perverse job creation program they have managed to keep themselves in work trying to resolve a problem that could have been resolved 10 years earlier for a lot less money.
So it would appear that it's not in the interest of Cheshire County Councils legal department to settle a problem because, whilst it remains unresolved, they are kept in work. I wonder how many other unresolved cases there are in Cheshire that could have been resolved years ago by the simple application of common sense and the application of cost benefit analysis? Cheshire County Council obviously don't understand cost benefit analysis so hundreds of thousand of pounds of taxpayers money could be wasted by their legal department every year.

Hence the title of this post: Pyrrhic, of or relating to or resembling Pyrrhus or his exploits (especially his sustaining staggering losses in order to defeat the Romans); "a Pyrrhic victory"

Ironically Cheshire County Council had another chance to resolve the problem once and for all when they recently asked me to accepts works on my land so they could finish the highway to fully adoptable standards. Unfortunately once again they refused to offer any compensation so I declined. The net result is the bodge today and even more work for the Cheshire County Council's legal (job creation) department and more cost for Cheshire County Council taxpayers.

Let's all hope that when Cheshire West and Chester Unitary Authority take over in April they do something about this significant waste of taxpayers money. All it takes is just one
intransigent solicitor in their legal department who is more concerned with winning at any cost than resolving problems as cheaply as possible for the taxpayer.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

First accident!

The first accident happened recently, or at least the first one I am aware of. A youth on a bicycle fell on the crossing. Luckily for him, and Cheshire County Council, he was young and fit enough to shrug the whole incident off. I think he must have been using the undulating pavement in the vicinity of my property as a sort of BMX track because before I could have a word with him, he jumped on his bike and was off like a rocket. However, the next person may not be so lucky.