Saturday, 8 August 2009

Buses using Rookery Rise Update.

I received a response to my Freedom of Information Request about buses using Rookery Rise.

Rookery Rise is not being used regularly and in fact was only used for a temporary diversion. At the time of receiving your email, the normal route along Station Road had resumed. [Full response]

The reason for the bypass not being used, was that by using Rookery Rise, 2 stops on Station Rd remained in use. Had the bus operated along the bypass, it would have been unable to serve anyone requiring the bus between Winsford Station and the main town roundabout.

I'm sure you can appreciate that the intention with any road diversion is to inconvenience as few people as possible. [Full response]

Unfortunately buses are still using Rookery Rise so I had to submit another Freedom of Information request to identify the reason.

I would like to know why buses are still using Rookery Rise in spite of assurances that they were not.

'Late afternoon today, the 6th August, the same day I received an assurance from the council that buses were no longer using Rookery Rise, because the roadworks had been completed, a bus was seen travelling in an easterly direction along Rookery Rise towards Station Road and then turning right towards the Railway Station. (I am aware that the roadworks had been completed by the 4th because actually drove down Station Road to check.) Therefore, my latest question is why are buses still using Rookery Rise?'

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