Sunday, 2 August 2009

Complaint submitted about buses using Rookery Rise

I note that another resident concerned with safety further down Rookery Rise has submitted a complaint via the Fix My Street website.
"Rookery is now being used as a rat run for buses from Station road. Rookery Rise does not meet the requirements for buses due to the road width being too small in the bends. The current road width is 6.75m, this needs widening on bends with a radius of 60m or less. this is not possible to do whilst keeping a 1.8m footpath.
Also the design requirements for bus routes states that the road must allow two 12m buses to pass each other down the road, due to the design of the road this is not possible in several locations.
Also the road has residential property facing the road with direct access to the property, again this is not allow for roads designed for bus routes."
Message for Cheshire West and Chester Council, it wasn't me, which proves there are other residents concerned over the safety of Rookery Rise.

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