Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Why is Beechfields and part of Rookery Rise still unadopted? Update

Further to my earlier post on the subject I have now had a response to my Freedom of Information request.

Cheshire West and Chester Council curiously state they hold no information as to why the roads serving the Beechfields estate were not adopted from the western end at the same time that the roads on the Barratt contructed Linwood/FirTree estate were adopted. After all both developments were completed at the same time (2001). However, whilst the Linwood/Firtee estate have been adopted the Beechfields estate remain unadopted.

In addition they still haven't given a ratonal explantion as to why the play area and open space on the Linwood/Firtree development remain unadopted.

As I stated before there is something funny going on with Rookery Rise and the council should tell the residents what's going on.

There suggestion that scarce resources were diverted in order to bring phase one up to adoptable standards is ludicrous. The have wasted more time and resources over the last 19 years trying to bodge the road than they would have in doing a proper job. Just a shame Cheshire West and Chester appear to be following in the footsteps of Vale Royal Borough Council and Cheshire County Council as far as spin and misdirection is concerned.

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