Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The truth will out

I was advised by the new CEO of Cheshire West and Chester Council that the only reason why the roads on the estate have not been adopted is because of limited resource. However, that's just a load of bullsh*t, the real reason they haven't adopted the roads has nothing to do with a lack of resources but everything to do with a legal problem they have on the site. The same reason the play area and open space have also not been adopted by the council. I am aware from my research that the costs involved in adopting a road that has been completed to adoptable standards is minimal. As a result I have submitted a Freedom of Information request to identify why Cheshire West and Chester Council think otherwise.

1) I would like a copy of the procedure/documentation necessary for Cheshire West and Chester Council to adopt a road that has no section 38 adoption agreement attached to it but has been completed to adoptable standards.

2) I would also like to know the cost of adopting such a road in such a manner.

Vale Royal Borough Council promised the Local Government Ombudsman in 1998 that this road would be adopted. So much for a council's word to a Local Government Ombudsman and so much for the validation of a council's promise by a Local Government Ombudsman.

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