Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Why is Beechfields still unadopted (update 3)

I have just received a response to my Freedom of information request and the council are still arguing that it has not been adopted because they don't have the time and resources to adopt it. However, in another FOI request they stated that it could be done with 10 hours work.

Beechfields should have been adopted in 2001 after the work was carried out to bring it up to adoptable standards. It cost many tens of thousands of pounds to bring Beechfields up to adoptable standards in 2001 yet the council still argue that they can't find the money to pay for 10 hours work to finally adopt it.

In addition the play area and open space are still unadopted and people have been occupying houses since 2001 which they shouldn't have been doing until they were adopted.

Who does Cheshire West and Chester think they are kidding, everyone knows they can't adopt them because of legal difficulties, yet they still continue to peddle the same old bullshit.