Monday, 8 March 2010

Rookery Rise adopted at last?

The council have recently put signs up informing people that they are about to adopt the last part of Rookery Rise which is still unadopted.

Which is rather odd when you bear in mind that Vale Royal Borough Council promised the Local Government Ombudsman that the road would be adopted 12 years ago. The Ombudsman's investigation in 1997/8  was as a result of the council's failure to stop the developer building and selling all the houses on the estate before the roads were either completed or subject to an adoption agreement. Something similar applies to the play area and open space which are, to date, still in the hands of one of the developers 9 years after all the houses on the estate had been completed and sold.

Curiously, I was told by the Local Government Ombudsman's office in 2008 that the part of Rookery Rise which the council are just about to adopt was already adopted. Did the council lie to the Ombudsman or did the Ombudsman's investigator lie to me? Time will tell.

I wonder when they will adopt the open space and play area which were supposed to be adopted before some of the houses on Linwood were occupied? Houses that have been occupied for the last 9 years in breach of planning consent and a section 106 agreement.