Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Private Contractor still maintaining part of the Rookery Rise development

I noticed recently that a private contractor is still cutting grass on the play area, open space and highway verges which form part of the Linwood, Firtree part of the Rookery Rise development. Nearly 10 years after they were completed to adoptable standards and 5 years after the highways were supposedly adopted, why is a private contractor and not the council maintaining these parts of the development?

One of the planning obligations was that the developer would provide a public open space and a play area which would be handed over to the council, together with a sum of money! Thus enabling the construction and sale of all the dwellings on Pinetree, Firtree and Linwood. All those dwellings were sold by the developer over  9 years ago yet the public open space and play area are still in the hands of the developer. WHY?

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