Thursday, 16 September 2010

At last after 9 years the roads are listed as adopted.

I noticed yesterday that all the roads on the estate are now shown as adopted on the Council on-line gazetteer. No wonder the public have no confidence in the public sector when they take over 9 years to do something that they state themselves have admitted was possible to do in 10 hours.

Now all we need to find out is
  • How they adoped a road which was completed without the necessary planning permission and has not been built to adoptable standards?
  • Why the play area and open space remain unadopted and still in the hands of the developer. A play area and open space, subject to a planning obligation, that says it should have been handed over for adoption in 2001?

Monday, 13 September 2010

Highway Risk Management

Ironic but true as the images below will prove. Chester West and Chester Council, still using the old Cheshire County Council branding, visited my LGO blog today as a result of a Google search looking for Highway Risk Management.

The link below takes you to the particular blog post they decided to read 

None standard highway design and the risks involved for a Highway Authority

What goes around comes around!