Saturday, 19 February 2011

BARMY council bosses are spending thousands of pounds

COUNCILS that are supposed to be saving money are wasting taxpayers' cash.

Town halls have splashed out on surveys, adverts, questionnaires, public meetings, letter drops, focus groups and adverts to explain the impact of budget cuts.

My comment: Cheshire West may be last on the short list but they are still on the list for spending £2,226 on a prize draw.

Read the full story from the source The Sun


Cheshire West and Chester Council were among 28 local authorities across England named in a national newspaper, as part of their ongoing probe into ‘waste in the public sector’.

Chester’s council came in last on the list, spending £2,226 on printing and a prize draw.

A CWaC spokesman added: “The draw to award that prize to one of the respondents has yet to be undertaken.”

My comment: So the Sun story was correct. 

Read the full story from the source Cheshire First

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