Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The CWaCC solutions team

Whilst reading many of the on-line Freedom of Information requests I came across the following information about CWaCC's solutions team.

"Solutions Team was created as part of the Chief Executive's Office. This team was set up to handle customer comments, compliments and complaints, MP and general correspondence and FOI and EIR requests. Within this team there are 2 officers spending 100% of their time dealing with FOI and EIR requests (1 full-time and 1 part-time = 55hrs per week). The remainder of the team and Team Manager may also have some involvement with requests.

The Solutions Team manage a network of around 90 'Champions' to disseminate complaints, correspondence and requests throughout their service area and collate the response. This role is in addition to the Champions' 'day job' and we estimate that at least 25% of their time is spent on this, based on the amount of average time spent on requests. On that basis, we can assume that the Champions each spend around a minimum of 2 hours a week on FOI and EIR requests alone."

My comment: Their track record has not been all that great because CWaCC has been heavily criticised for, among other things, wanting to illegally charge for all FoI requests (Probably wanted to be self financing) and for attempting to block ex employees from using the FoI Act. More like a team that helps create problems rather than provide solutions.

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