Thursday, 10 February 2011

What lies beneath Cheshire West and Cheshire Councillor's pledge?

COUNCIL Tax payers will not be getting a bigger bill from Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) in the next financial year.

Councillors have pledged to freeze Council Tax but maintain libraries and invest in leisure acoss the area, including setting aside £11million for a culture and recreation centre in Northwich.

My Comment: But all is not what it appears, see below.

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The reality of the situation
The Coalition is keen on freezing council tax so is offering any council that holds steady the equivalent of a 2.5% rise in their budget.

That means any local authority thinking of a rise of 2.5% or less might as well freeze and take the money from the Government rather than the local taxpayer.

In any case, any council will struggle to raise much more than that as the Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has said he will cap any council proposing a tax rise of more than 3.5%.

So councils might as well agree to a freeze, and at least get some credit from the local council taxpayer for not putting up the bill even if services are being cut. And councillors may be particularly keen if they are amongst the large number who are up for re-election this May.

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