Tuesday, 8 March 2011

How much longer does Ashley have to wait?

A FATHER is pleading for swift action over plans to improve access for his disabled son at their Chester home.

Fed-up Malcolm Field has hit out at highway chiefs who he says are continually stalling over plans to create a car park facility outside his Blacon home which Malcolm says will aid access for his son Ashley, who is a Achondraplasia dwarf, and who suffers from spinal stenosis.

Taxi driver Malcolm, who says he has lobbied through councillors and highway chiefs for the past three years, said he was told the 20 space car park, off Blacon Point Road, close to the estate’s Healthy Living Centre, would be put before planning chiefs for approval at the start of this year.

It has dragged on and on and enough is enough. We were initially told the matter would be put before a Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC) planning meeting in January, and despite my making constant attempts to find out from the council as to what the situation is, I am getting nowhere.

My comment:  What CWaC promises and what CWaC do are usually two different things. Particularly in the highway department!

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