Thursday, 14 April 2011

City university and council chiefs criticised over student housing

CAMPAIGNERS have accused the city’s university and council chiefs of failing to control ‘spiralling’ student numbers in Chester following a heated public debate on the matter.

“On the night the Bell Developments proposal was subject of both opposition and support, but it was the council and university that were the subject of strong words of criticism for what residents from across the city generally agree was a failure to control a spiralling increase in student houses in multiple occupancy in Chester’s residential streets.”

The statement from Chester Communities Together added: “The independently chaired meeting saw speaker after speaker from many areas of Chester voice strong criticism of CWAC for what they claim is a long standing failure to audit and responsibly manage this growth in student numbers by way of planning and delivering dedicated student accommodation away from residential streets.

My comment: CWaC Council couldn't organise a street party for the Royal wedding, or should that be a binge in a brewery? 

Read the full story from the source Cheshire First

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