Wednesday, 6 April 2011

CWAC Council still griping about the cost of FOI

CHESHIRE West and Chester Council (CWaC) says the cost of answering requests under the Freedom of Information, Data Protection Act and Environmental Information Regulations is ‘significant’.

The council, in response to an Freedom of Information (FOI) request, says the cost is ‘very difficult to quantify’ because the number of enquiries received differs as does the complexity of each question.

Previously CWaC estimated answering FOIs cost about £250,000 per year in officer time when justifying a charging policy.

The Solutions Team, comprising one full-time and one part-time officer, handles such requests and also manages a network of about 90 ‘champions’ who disseminate complaints, correspondence and requests throughout their service area and collate the response. This role is in addition to the champions’ ‘day job’.

My comment: What the morons in charge don't appear to understand is the same applies to every service they are legally obliged to provide. Yet we never hear them gripe about the cost of those. Me thinks it's more to do with their fear of exposure than the costs involved. In addition if they published the information in the first place, as many good councils do, they would significantly reduce the number of FOI requests.

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  1. Here's a foi that someone should request:

    How many directors and heads of service, including any iterim postholders who have worked for Cwac for at least a year, previously worked with steve Robinson at either Stoke or Liverpool?
    How many previously worked for one of the previous 7 Cheshire councils?
    How many worked for one of the councils neighbouring councils like Wirral, Warrington, Flintshire?

  2. Here is the URL for anyone who is interested in submitting an FOI request to Cheshire West and Cheshire using the What Do They Know website.

  3. Simon Goacher, Head of Legal and Democratic Services, came from Wirral Council.

    Julie Gill, Director of Resources, came from Stoke Council.

    But there are many, MANY more that worked for Stoke or Cheshire West's neighbours.


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