Thursday, 21 April 2011

CWaC fails in promise to do better

Last minute panic for aspiring Northwich councillors. Brian Jamieson, from Northwich’s Labour Group, said this caused issues for prospective candidates because the wrong Electoral Register had been sent out, which candidates need to fill in their nomination forms.

Brian said: “It would have been a problem if I hadn’t intervened because they’d issued all the registers in the old wards.”

Brian had a list of the new wards from the Boundary Commission but some candidates were still working from a list of the old wards, which had been provided by Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC).

A spokesman for Cheshire West and Chester (CWAC) said: “There was an issue with the candidates because registers were sent out containing the old ward names.

My comment: They sent out some wrong registers last year, just what is the problem with Cheshire West and Chester Council? They even promised to do better because of the debacle last year. This article appears to prove they have failed miserably.

Read the full story from the source Northwich Guardian

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