Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Developer still cutting grass verges on Rookery Rise

Cheshire West and Chester Council have, on numerous occasions, stated that Rookery Rise is fully adopted. However, within the last few days a private contractor working for a Developer has been cutting some of the grass verges on Rookery Rise (specifically between Pinetree and Beechfields), something they wouldn't do if the road was adopted because if it was it would clearly be the responsibility of the Council.

In addition the contractor also cut the grass on the open space and the play area adjacent to Linwood and Firtree, so the questions remains,
  1. is this part of Rookery Rise adopted or not?
  2. is the open space adopted or not?
  3. is the play area adopted or not?
If they are adopted, then why is a Developer still carrying out maintenance work 10 years after they were completed? If they aren't adopted, it would explain why the Developer is still carrying out maintenance work but that would mean Cheshire West and Cheshire Council and their predecessors, have been lying over the adopted status of the road for the last 10 years.

Looks like the only thing Cheshire West and Chester Council have adopted is the deceitful ways of Cheshire County Council and Vale Royal Borough Council.

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