Thursday, 21 April 2011

May elections: CWaC council, we promise to do better

Cheshire West and Chester Council has offered this assurance after eating humble pie in 2010 when 157 postal votes weren’t processed in time and some polling stations were supplied with an out-of-date electoral register.

At the last general election some areas of the country saw queuing outside polling stations in the run-up to the 10pm deadline resulting in some electors not being allowed to vote.

My comment: Steve Robinson, the returning officer and chief executive officer didn't prevent the chaotic organisation of the 2010 elections nor stop incorrect electoral registers being sent to some polling stations. Doesn't give me confidence that CWaC Council is being run properly. Especially since this last few months we have seen his 'solutions team' wanting to illegally charge for FOI requests and the Council inserting potentially illegal terms in compromise agreements

Read more about CWaC council's voting cock up from the source Chester Chronicle

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  1. Good work that man. More details on the unlawful gagging clauses within compromise agreements here:


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