Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Youth workers label council 'clueless'

SUPPORTERS of a popular summer scheme in Winsford, which has ended this year due to council cuts, have accused Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) of getting its figures wrong. CWAC’s claims it will continue to contribute 25 per cent of the administration costs, as well as premises costs and staff wages.

Maggie Anderson, co-ordinator for the Winsford Youth Forum, said: “They are only contributing five per cent towards administration costs and 20 per cent on weekend youth work. “By removing the structure and stating that they are cutting back on office costs in line with council priorities is in fact removing activities for young people – as a local charity we do not have back office costs.

“Further to this, the Council do not pay for the Marina premises costs which is the building we will be vacating from.”

Mike Kennedy, chairman of the Winsford Youth Forum Action group has labelled the CWAC Council ‘clueless’.

He said: “I have sadly found that CWAC is about as believable and trustworthy as the old Cheshire County Council and that doesn't say a lot, at least with the old County Council you could see them coming before they mugged you. 

My comment: Well said, I and many others also think they are clueless. Just like Cheshire County Council they are always spinning a line. It's just that Cheshire West and Chester Council are a little more devious than the old Cheshire County Council.

Read the full story from the source  Winsford Guardian

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