Wednesday, 4 May 2011

CWaC councillor claims allowance whilst in New Zealand

The CWaC councillor received an annual allowance more than £17,000 ' even though she spends three months every year in New Zealand'. Tory Jan Mashlan, from Northwich, has come under fire at Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC).

She sent apologies for full council meetings held last December, and in February and March, according to the town hall's online attendance record. But she says she's been able to keep in touch with local people by email while she's 12,000 miles away on the other side of the world.

Council leader Mike Jones refused to accept her resignation, saying her absences are a 'non-issue'.

My comment: If the council leader thinks this is a none issue he is clearly not fit for purpose and should be voted out at the next election, which is tomorrow! If the council leader is not your councillor consider voting against your councillor if they were one of those who selected him as their leader. Remember this is the councillor who insults critics and the council which wanted to illegally charge for Freedom of Information requests, use dodgy compromise agreements to silence potential whistle-blowers, promised to do better organising elections then failed, wasted millions on shiny new headquarters, charged homecoming solders for tea and coffee, failed to manage the growth of student numbers, has 13 staff on over £100,000 per year...... and the list goes on.

Read the full story from the source Mail On-Line

In addition, note what Jan Mashlan says Mike Jones told her 'Cllr Jones said he would rather I stayed until the next election then it won't cause a by-election.' and then the reason given by Cllr Mike Jones 'I didn't want her to resign because I didn't want to lose her expertise

UPDATE 5th May 2011: Council switch to damage limitation mode with the help of their friends at LocalGov.

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