Thursday, 26 May 2011

Defamation claim against Sheriff of Chester

THE Sheriff of Chester has been reported by his own council to the Standards for England local government watchdog.

Labour’s Cllr Reggie Jones wrote a letter to the Press and brought a motion before Cheshire West and Chester Council criticising the Tory-led authority following a district auditor’s report which examined the handling of the sale of County Hall and purchase of HQ.

My comment: Not only do Cheshire West and Chester gag ex employees now they are trying to gag elected representatives. The reason why Eric Pickle decided to scrap the Standards for England local government watchdog was because councils were using it in attempt to silence any criticism rather than for legitimate reasons. Read more about an earlier political spat about the sale of County Hall and the purchase of HQ. Stoke on Trent are another insecure council trying to gag elected representative.

Read the full story from the source Chester Chronicle

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