Saturday, 7 May 2011

Tory majority slashed in West Cheshire and Chester Council

THE Tories were returned to power in West Cheshire – but with a substantially reduced majority.

In May 2008, elections for the new unitary Cheshire West and Chester Council saw the Conservatives storm to a massive majority of 38.

But with four Members deciding to stand as Independents and one for UKIP this time, a further eight losses – all to Labour – narrowed that margin to just nine.

Council Leader Mike Jones said: “It was inevitable there would be some reaction to the Government’s highly necessary, but painful, cuts, and we expected to lose some seats in marginal wards.

My comment: Mr Jones' excuse does not stand up to close scrutiny. No, No, No Mr Jones, the real reasons are that your council (and the previous one that your 'gang' controlled) was too keen to insult constituents, pay a councillor allowances even though they lived in New Zealand, charge homecoming parade soldiers for cups of tea, ignore the impact of a significant increase in student numbers , pay thirteen staff over £100,000 per year, spend £20Million on shiny new headquarters whilst ignoring the needs of Northwich, gag ex employees in an attempt to keep potential whistle-blowers quiet, gripe about the cost of FOI, sell off the family silver, fail to deliver on promises, cut grants but consider silly schemes, waste money identifying ways to save money, keep appointments from proper scrutiny, spin the truth, cause confusion, over charge the elderly for home help, bodge a class 3A road and if that wasn't enough you cocked up elections on not one, not two but on three separate occasions. You reap what you sow Mr Jones, you reap what you sow! 

Read the full story from the source Liverpool Echo

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