Friday, 17 June 2011

CWaC Council staff altered papers UPDATED

Staff at Cheshire West and Chester Council altered records relating to the care and treatment of a disabled man and "fundamentally affected" the course of a High Court case, a judge has said.

The judge said records were rewritten after a High Court hearing. He described the "misconduct" as an "extraordinary incident" and said it had "seriously impeded" the court process.

Details of the alterations emerged in a written judgment of a High Court dispute about the care of the disabled man - referred to as "P" by the judge.

My comment: I wonder what else gets altered/rewritten in CWaC Council when nobody's looking?

Read the full story from the source Bearsden Herald

UPDATE 23rd July 2011: The story has now bizarrely disappeared from the Bearsden Herald but appeared in the Chester Chronicle.

UPDATED 24th August 2011: Misconduct by council employees in DoL case "seriously impeded" court process, says judge. A fuller account than that ever reported by local press can be read on the  Local Government Lawyer Website

My comment: Is this the reason why so few negative stories about CWaC Council are ever published in our local press and even when they are they are nothing more than short extracts from a bigger story? Compare the Chester Chronicle article with the Local Government Lawyer one.


  1. did the chron use this? never saw it! and can we chester lib dems use it please? will put on our website and in all newsletters! its a gem.

  2. I am not aware of any local paper running this story. However, it is not unusual for local papers to keep bad news about their local council out of the paper because they rely on the council for advertising revenue. Many councils threaten to remove advertising if should a local paper fail to do as they are told! Here is a recent example

    The best source of unbiased news about a council is from newspapers outside the area. Hence this one from a newspaper in Bearsden, Scotland.

  3. This is another story that should have received more attention from our local and national press.


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