Sunday, 5 June 2011

Rich List 2: The Councillors

The Taxpayer's Alliance published a Rich List which included the remuneration of all council staff who cost the taxpayer over £100,000 per year.

From that list it can be acertained that 13 CWaC Council staff receive a total remuneration package of over £100,000.

Following an enquiry I decided to do something similar for CWaC Councillors. Fortunately the information is available from CWaC Council. However, this lists all councillors and I was only interested in those who cost the taxpayers the most.

Therefore, I decided to extract all those who, during the financial year 2010/11, cost the taxpayer more than £20,000.

1) JONES, M: £42,472.27

2) FORD, L: £27,553.35

3) BATEMAN, D: £27,402.30

4) DOWDING, B: £26,582.79

5) MANLEY, H: £26,355.02

6) RILEY, L: £25,233.82

7) HARADA, A: £24,265.97

8) SHORT, R: £24,241.12

9) HOGG, M: £20,879.72

10) DAWSON, A: £20,425.48

11) OULTRAM, R: £20,309.22

12) STORRAR, A: £20,050.92

Total for these 12 councillors = £305,771.80

75 CWaC Councillors  2010/11 total = £1,147,581.01 

Yet only 2 years ago 72 Pre CWaC Councillors 2008/9 total = £503,590.21

I will make further comparisons as time permits but in any event will compare this list with 2011/12 when the figures are available.

There are now some 75 councillors at CWac Council who can claim allowances during 2011/12.

UPDATE 6th June 2011:  Thousands of local councillors have seen their allowances soar in the past five years, astonishing figures reveal.

The town hall payouts have risen by up to 150 per cent to a total cost of more than £200million a year.

Expenses were first made available to local politicians in the 1970s – and in the 1990s, allowances, or pay, for councillors were introduced to reimburse local councillors for their time. But the effect has been to produce a generation of professional town hall politicians. 

Read the full story from the source Mail on Line 

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