Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Cheshire fails in legal challenge to PFI cuts

Further to an earlier post of mine review in to waste cash. A Judicial Review claim against the government's decision to withdraw £100m of credits from a household waste PFI in Cheshire has failed.

Cheshire West & Chester and Cheshire East Councils claimed the department for environment, food and rural affairs used a flawed methodology to assess the merits of Cheshire's 25-year scheme to dispose of around 180,000 tonnes of waste annually.

Both local authorities also said ministers under-estimated benefits which would have accrued from the scheme.
Mr Justice Langstaff sitting in the High Court in Leeds
dismissed the councils' case on all five counts put to him.

Both authorities have applied for permission to appeal.

My comment: A judicial review was a waste of time and money. They should have put the money to better use....like training their legal departments. Seeking leave to appeal is just another waste of money. Just how many times does CWaC Council's legal department need to be proven wrong before someone starts asking serious questions! They are beginning to make the old Cheshire County Council legal department look positively competent.

Read the full story from the source Place North West

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