Friday, 29 July 2011

CWaC Council: Local Government Association (LGA) Membership costs

The Local Government Association (LGA) is a voluntary lobbying organisation acting as the voice of the local government.
Cost of membership for CWaC Council
2009/10 = £81,850 (net of VAT)
2010/11 = £79,220 (net of VAT)
2011/12 = £69,293 (net of VAT)
As of January this year there were 433 councils in the UK, of which 371 were members of the LGA. Many are leaving this year

Bromley, Torridge, North Somerset, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk have already withdrawn from the LGA and a further nine councils have said they are leaving.

Amber Valley to leave local government lobby group

Cotswold District Council could leave Local Government Association

"Cotswold District Council claims the Local Government Association's £12,500 subscription fee is not value for money."

My comment: I agree, why should councils use taxpayers money to fund an organisation that just lobbies government for even more taxpayer's money.  

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  1. You should have a look at how much money they waste on consultants, I took this off their site. Its their >500 spend data


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