Saturday, 23 July 2011

There's 28 wheels on CWaC Council's gravy train and it keeps rolling along

During 2009 Cheshire West and Chester Council attended the Local Government Association's annual Conference/Exhibition.

Margaret Eaton, Chair of the Local Government Associations states in her opening address......

"We’ll be asking how can we improve the public perception of councils? How can we best help our residents in a recession?"

1 Council (CWaC)
1 Conference/exhibition LGA Harrogate 3 days
4 Members (Leader plus 3 others).
7 Officers (CEO plus 6 others).
1 Hotel (11 people for 3 nights each. Total 33 nights).
7 Cars (4 for the members 3 for the officers). [hence 28 wheels :)]

Total cost £25937.84 plus LGA annual membership fees.

CWaC Council's objective of attending the 2009 LGA Conference/ Exhibition was, and I quote, "to promote the Council’s ambition and achievements to 2,500 delegates (Members, Chief Executives and senior officers) from councils across the UK."  

If the above is what CWaC Council consider helping their residents in a recession then God help us all. It certainly doesn't help improve the public's perception of CWaC Council when they spend such vast sums of money just to influence other council's members and officers whilst ignoring the LGA's message about helping their residents during a recession.

More details here, here and here.

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