Thursday, 25 August 2011

Cheshire West and Chester Council: The 'Council From Hell'?

I am Peter Johnson, a Cheshire pensioner who faces financial ruin, the loss of my home and a lengthy jail sentence. All this came about simply because I carried out what HM. Government advised me to do, in order to defend and prevent my property from Flooding!

Since that time the corrupt ‘Council from Hell’, Cheshire West and Chester Council, (formerly the Chester City Council) has pursued what amounts to a personal vendetta against me for the last eleven years.

Read the full story from the source The Council from Hell

My comment: In my case, Cheshire West and Chester Council (formerly Vale Royal Borough Council and Cheshire County Council), went out of their way to bodge a class 3A road at my expense because they had wrongly allowed a developer to build and sell over 60 houses knowing that the developer could never complete the road to adoptable standards. When the developer went bust the council decided to offload their problem onto me (and other road users to a lesser extent) and just bodged the road instead of completing it to the planned and approved standards.

Funny how standards can change when the council is trying to extricate itself from self created difficulties due to earlier incompetence or wrongdoing. 

A planning officer misplacing an important document just long enough for the developer to build and sell all the houses they shouldn't have been allowed to sell before the class 3A road was competed to standard. (Would you believe he eventually found it in the bottom draw of his desk.) You make your own mind up, simple incompetence or something much much worse? 

The highway authority department at the council was even worse, giving the developer certificates of completion when they shouldn't have done. Doing work without planning permission on an unadopted road etc. 

Even now, after adoption, there is still missing lamp posts on the road, no elevation on the bend etc. Loads of stuff they would normally refuse to adopt a road for. Adopting the road to get themselves out of their self created difficulties prove that they have double standards. High standards for others and very low standards for themselves.

It looks like all the skeletons are now falling out of the closet at CWaC Council as more and more stories about them are published. 

UPDATE 25th August 2011: Looks like this post has grabbed their attention :)

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