Thursday, 11 August 2011

Chester West and Cheshire Council have wasting money all wrapped up

Cheshire West and Chester Council spent £25,000 wrapping trees and lampposts with polyester.

WRAPPING Chester’s trees and lampposts with colourful stripy polyester cost £25,000, but brought a ‘festival feel’ to the city, a local authority has revealed.

Cheshire West and Chester Council has revealed that the colourful material decorations, used to entice visitors to the city centre, cost the authority £25,000.

My comment: Please consider a councillor wrapping event next year, I am sure many people would offer to do it for free.

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UPDATE 5/10/2011: Common sense prevails.

Tree wrapping has been rejected as part of festivities for Chester.

CONTROVERSIAL colourful tree wrapping will not be returning to Chester after councillors decided it was not in keeping with the city’s festivities.

The decision comes less than a month after the trees and lampposts lining the streets and roads of Chester city centre were stripped of the stripy polyester for an initiative which cost £25,000.

My comment: Note the spin, 'not in keeping with the city's festivities' when all they had to say was it was a crap idea and we won't be doing it again. Whenever will wrapping trees like the one above be in keeping with a historic city. They ought to wrap the person responsible for wasting £25,000 in the first place and send them to Timbuktu.

Read the full story from the source Chester Chronicle 


  1. I am a regular visitor to Chester, and saw the wrapping of trees and lamp posts, I had no idea what it was, and couldn't see any explanation. I am shocked to see that it had cost £25,000! Did anyone go especially to see the wrapped trees?

  2. I think they were attempting to do a cut price version of the Super Lamb Banana event that Liverpool hosted a few years ago, however, this turned out to be more a CWaC Councillors have gone bananas event.

  3. I reckon the council must have spent at least £1 of my council tax payment on this, as a resident in chester. so i am now keeping a tally of this and all times they do not collect my rubbish and will be asking for refund at the end of the year. if lots of us did this maybe they would stop stupidly spending money wastefully (like oh £3m of public money on getting rid of grass on cathedral grounds - church land - as its better for tourism?!)
    and start spending it wisely on services. too much to ask?


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