Monday, 22 August 2011

CWaC CEO cost taxpayers an extra £17,000 last year UPDATED

Steve Robinson, the chief executive of Cheshire West and Chester Council, saw his total remuneration rise by £17,000 to £235,000 last year, including pension and benefits.

His total packet took him to 14th place in the list of the country's highest paid council bosses.

My comment: The gravy train keeps on rolling!

Read the full story from the source The Telegraph

UPDATE 24th August 2011: Irrespective of what spin the council tries to put on it (see comment below) the Chief Executive cost taxpayers an extra £17,000 last year.



    Council spokesman, Ian Callister, said today: “The Chief Executive of Cheshire West and Chester Council has not received any salary increase since his appointment in July 2008.

    “Total reimbursements recorded in the authority’s Statement of Accounts also include repayment of travel and subsistence expenses; the agreed rise in pension payments as required by the Fund’s External Actuary and the Government’s regulation payment to all Chief Executives who acted as returning officer during the last general election.

    “All the above are recorded as ‘salary’ in the Council’s Statement of Accounts, as required by financial regulations. His pay has not changed.”


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