Friday, 12 August 2011

Councillors should consider the number of empty premises

This is an extract from a letter published by the Northwich Guardian

"Should Cheshire West and Chester Council not be aware, the country is experiencing a period of extreme austerity. Interestingly, neither the article nor in the information available at the Memorial Hall is there any mention of cost for the proposed scheme.

We have seven supermarkets in Northwich and for a study to conclude that there is ‘an unmet demand for food,’ presumably supermarkets, is unbelievable. Our politicians should look in the town and consider the number of empty premises and proliferation of charity outlets."


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My comment:  CWaC Council appear to have the money to spend £8 million on consultants and another £2.6 million to buy the Odeon in Chester

What I can't understand is when Cinemas around the country are closing down, ironically the Odeon in Chester is a good example. Who would consider building a new one a few miles away? Similar argument goes for the more shops argument, towns are awash with empty shops at the moment and whilst national companies may be able to afford the fancy rents new build attracts many of the smaller shops, the life blood of the community, can't. 

The $64,000 question is why are our councillors so keen to plough money into consultants and plans for new developments and not into the existing community, especially during a recession? 
UPDATED 17th August 2011: This is an extract from a letter published by the Winsford Guardian.

I CANNOT understand why Cheshire West and Chester Council persists in spending millions of pounds in the present financial climate.

The money involved could surely have been used to reduce council tax or some of it spent on maintaining Northwich. 

JANE BROWN Northwich

My comment:  CWaC Council only appear to have a one track mind, out with the old and in with the new. Selling county hall and replacing it with the HQ premises  was the start, same goes with the Chester and Northwich plans. They appear to have swept away any consideration of maintaining and improving what we have and decided the only way forward is expensive and at the moment, unnecessary grandiose plans. 

Let's face it of CWaC hadn't come to the rescue the HQ building would have been a white elephant for years to come. In addition companies like MBNA could move out of Chester at any time, retail companies are failing at an alarming rate yet CWaC want to build even more capacity rather than improve what we have. 

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