Sunday, 18 September 2011

Don't rely on CWaC Council to protect our open spaces, parks and play areas

RESIDENTS are being asked to nominate land to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) is joining in a national programme that will see areas of land becoming dedicated Queen Elizabeth II Fields. 

The project sets minimum criteria around quality and accessibility of land as well as protecting the sites as public open spaces. Read the full story from the source Northwich Guardian

The question is, will CWaC Council protect our open spaces, parks and play areas in the future?

Here are a couple of examples of them failing to do so, I am sure there are many more.

Example 1: The First Duke of Westminster gave Edgar's Field Park in trust to the Council for use forever by the residents of Chester, in particular those of Handbridge.   However the Ship Inn, a private business, appear intent on encroaching on the field.

Example 2: In order to obtain planning permission for their Pinetree/Firtree/Linwood estate Barratt had to incorporate an open space and play area into the development. These should have been completed to standard and gifted to the council before all the houses were occupied. All the houses were occupied way back in 2001 yet when I last checked just a few months ago the play area and open space were still owned by Barratt.

So the question is can you trust CWaC Council to protect our open spaces, play areas and parks? I don't think their track record looks good so far! 

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