Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Postal votes in Davenham and Moulton branded 'a scandal'

POSTAL voting for the last election has been branded a scandal by a Northwich councillor after voting statistics were revealed.

Town councillor Brian Jamieson, from Northwich’s Labour group, said only half the expected amount of postal votes were returned in one of the town’s major wards because residents did not get their packs until it was too late.

The average return for postal votes in the Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) area in May was between 60 and 70 per cent but in the Davenham and Moulton ward it was just 31.4 per cent.

The elections were organised by CWAC’s electoral services department.

Clr Jamieson said: “It’s an absolute scandal. 

 “Some people didn’t receive a postal vote and some got it late – we know because we asked them.

A CWAC spokesman said: “Cheshire West and Chester Council remains committed to ensuring everyone eligible is able to exercise their right to vote.”

My comment: CWaC Council can talk the talk (spin the spin) but unfortunately they can't walk the walk (actually do what they promise). More about their election cock ups here, here, here, here and here.

I recently submitted a Freedom of Information request to identify how much CWaC Council paid the returning officer for the last 3 years. Maybe they should consider asking for a refund!

Read the full story from the source Nortwich Guardian

UPDATED 23/9/2011: Response to my Freedom of information request arrives.

2009 – fee for the European Election - £11,963
2010 – fee for the General Election - £12,676
2011 – fee for the Borough and Parish Elections - £31,952.30
Fee for the Referendum - £13,129

Total paid to returning officer over 3 years £69,720.30

My comment: Not a bad extra income on top of a fat cat salary. 

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