Friday, 16 September 2011

Video shows CWaC people how to generate their own electricity

PEOPLE in Cheshire West are being encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint by generating their own electricity.

A new video produced by Cheshire West and Chester Council entitled Solar Panels for Your Home features interviews with homeowners in the area who have had solar panels fitted to their houses.

The film outlines how the technology works and shows the installation process, which usually takes no longer than a day.

My comment: This must be wonderful news for solar energy companies and their staff. All the extra business generated through CWaC Council's efforts must be a boon to solar energy companies during this current economic climate. 

I just wish I had the foresight to have started a solar energy company last year so I could now capitalise on all the business this CWaC promotional material will no doubt generate. I wonder if anyone in CWaC Council did.... or has a job with a solar power company?

Read the full story from the source Chester Chronicle The link given in the Chron article is for a CWaC spin video NOT the solar panel video. One of the downsides of accepting council press releases without validation.

And a link to my Freedom of information request in an attempt to find out how much this video cost and who paid for it. Particularly since it appears to benefit solar panel companies.

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