Monday, 31 October 2011

CWaC Children in care and adoption performance tables

Children in Care and Adoption Performance Tables

Placements 1: 109=/152
Placements 2: 97=/152
Placements 3: 74=/152
Placements 4: unranked due to confidentiality

Adoption 1: 118=/152
Adoption 2: 93=/152
Adoption 3: unranked due to confidentiality

Attainment 1: 91/152
Attainment 2: unranked due to confidentiality
Attainment 3 15=/152
Attainment 4 43=/152

Leaving care 1: 140=/152
Leaving care 2: 119=/152
Leaving care 3: 12=/152
Leaving care 4: unranked due to confidentiality

My comment: A few too many low rankings?

More here Councils named and shamed over slow adoptions.

And here Cheshire West and Chester, Local authority adoption agency and local authority fostering services inspection reports.

Particularly the the latest unannounced inspection report

An old article in the Chronicle provides good background info. It will be interesting to see more recent reports from Ofsted when they are available.

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