Friday, 28 October 2011

CWaC Council staff misuse taxpayer funded internet access

One member of staff sacked and four others disciplined due to internet misuse at Cheshire West and Chester Council.

The figures – obtained following a Freedom of Information request by the Chronicle – relate to incidents of internet misuse between April 2009 when the authority came into existence and August this year.

A staff member was sacked for ‘bringing the employer into disrepute’ after making a comment on a social media website.

The Chronicle also asked for the 100 most visited websites by council staff during the month of August.

Google proved most popular with 28,487 hits followed by Facebook with 24,769. Other frequently visited websites included the council’s own site (5,450)

My comment: Wow! Facebook visited nearly 5 times more than their own website.

Read the full story from the source Chester Chronicle

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  1. It also adds insult to injury as just prior to Hazel Blears' break up of the former Cheshire County Council, the organisation went through an extended period of "Single Status" job 'evaluation'.

    Many junior staff were assessed, found wanting and downgraded. A choice few senior staff however were entrusted with driving the process through. Accordingly, if that's the right word, these lucky few were rewarded in their bank balances in return for battering their own colleagues in the pay packet.

    In many cases, these heartless senior managers were soon to retire and took this as one last opportunity to boost their retirement nest-egg, and feather their own comfortable, over-stuffed beds through one last act of vandalism. These staff were often union members, who spent much of their time frustrating and eroding any valuable union work that was carefully built from within.

    They won't be missed...


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