Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Democracy in action CWaC Council style

The following was sent to me by a reader.

"I am watching this online. Breathtakingly arrogant behaviour by Mike Jones showing blatant utter contempt for the public.

He “missed” (accidentally or otherwise) a public speaker who was on the agenda to speak on the travellers site who was due to speak following Cllr Brian Crowe. When the man pointed this out Mike Jones said “we’ve missed it so must move on”. When he further protested, Mike Jones threatened to have staff remove him if he continued.

Then the rest of the public gallery audience protested accusing him of looking after his own interest and then one said “there’s plenty of green belt in Hargrave, why don’t you put it there?”.

They were seething as they walked out shouting abuse at him. Prior to this Cllr Brian Crowe (Saughall and Mollington) made a good speech criticising the “consultation” as almost non-existent. Cllr Crowe had just reminded Mike Jones and the Executive their obligation to the electorate.

There were a lot of angry people there, many Tory supporters. I think this one will hit the press but you are welcome to publish my account which is from the webcast. "

Below is a short extract of the webcast to illustrate the issue. Featuring 'We've moved on now Mike', leader of Cheshire County Council.


My comment: This isn't democracy in action this is autocracy. Shame on the other councillors present for not following Cllr Brian Crowe lead when he tried to  speak out in support of the member of the public who was wrongly denied the right to speak. Hat tip to Brian Crowe, a Councillor to be proud of.

Want to know what your rights to speak at a CWaC Council meeting are? Watch this video by "We've moved on now Mike" himself, Mike Jones. 

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