Wednesday, 12 October 2011

One Team One planet, One Councillor One question

During 2010, Mike Jones leader of Cheshire West and Chester Council (in partnership with a Kevin McLeod), started a Solar Energy company called One Team One Planet Ltd .

He rightly declared his interest in the register of interests.

On the 6th July this year he removed his interest as a shareholder/partner but retained a directorship in the company.

If you type in your browser...

You are automatically redirected to a company called Maxiflow, another Solar Energy Company. UPDATE: Since this post was published this auto redirect from One Team One Planet to Maxiflow has been removed. I wonder why?

Which also has the same address as One Team One Planet Ltd.

If you search Who is for the owner of the domain name '' you will find it was registered by Maxiflow Ltd in March 2010.  

On their website Maxiflow list Cheshire West and Chester Council as one of their clients.

If you check out the directors of One Team One Planet Ltd you will find Mike Jones and Kevin McLeod listed as directors. (They originally started the company as a 50%-50% partnership). Kevin McLeod is also listed as a Director and shareholder of Maxiflow. (Details correct when checked 1/5/2011.)

If Mike Jones is employed as a director of One Team One Planet Ltd, as the latest register of interest suggests.  Then he is employed by a company which, when I checked, was partly owned by a director and shareholder of Maxiflow. Maxiflow is a company used by Cheshire West and Chester Council and other councils for contract work.

(Still waiting for companies house to confirm who now owns Mike Jones 50% of One Team One Planet Ltd. This should be available after they receive the One Team One Planet annual report.)

Therefore, my question to  CWaC Council is, why don't you  insist that councillors  declare these types of indirect interests in addition to the more obvious direct interests? 
On Company Director check Mike Jones' directorships past and present are shown.. (Scroll down the linked page to obtain specific details. ) [Please note: Information may be out of date, just because the company is shown as active doesn't imply he is still a director.  It may not be the same as the register of interest for a number of other reasons. They are updated at different times, I don't think the register of interests apply to unpaid directorships and they could contain errors. Errors which I will gladly highlight if and when they are brought to my attention.]

UPDATE 1st June 2012: GAZ2: Second notification of strike-off action in London Gazette (Section 652) has been published.

For more information about A.S.C. Developments please read my earlier blog post.

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