Sunday, 9 October 2011

Teacher sacked over sex and race slurs wins five-year battle to clear her name

A teacher who was sacked over accusations she abused pupils has spoken out after being cleared five years on. When Alison Addison was accused of abusing the special-needs children in her care, she thought she would quickly be cleared.

The claims – that she had physically abused the children, used racist words and had sexual intercourse with the caretaker in her school's pool – seemed too outlandish to withstand any scrutiny. Cheshire police dropped the investigation after interviewing 10 members of staff.

Despite the police decision, Cheshire County Council appointed an independent investigator who questioned the school staff.

Instead, the teacher waited five years to be free of the slurs made by a colleague that ended the career she had loved for 24 years.

She was finally cleared by the General Teaching Council for England last month when it ruled that her accusers were "not to be relied on", after hearing that she had been the victim of a "conspiracy".

Cheshire county council was split in two in 2009. One of the new authorities, Cheshire West and Chester council, said: "This case was heard by two sets of governors and was the subject of an independent investigation. This authority has no reason to doubt the actions taken at the time by Cheshire county council." 

My comment: Just how stupid are CWaC Councillors? Police dropped the case and it was only pursued by an idiot from Cheshire County Council (who may, for all we know, still be working for CWaC Council). Ignoring the fact that her accusers were invited but failed to give evidence, just what part of  'her accusers were not to be relied on' don't CWaC Council understand?

I know from experience that if an officer from Cheshire County Council or Cheshire West and Chester Council said two plus two was five councillors would believe them. 

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