Friday, 4 November 2011

Can you influence how CWaC Council spends its cash next year?

CHESHIRE West and Chester Council is inviting residents to have their say on draft budget proposals for the next financial year. Read the spin here

Here are my suggestions

Stop wasting money producing self promoting videos.

Stop wasting money producing council newspapers spin.

Stop wasting £398 a year paying for one senior staff member to be a member of SOLACE.

Stop wasting money  on reputation management, propaganda and spin.

Stop wasting money paying way over the odds for old cinema buidlings.

Stop wasting £8 million a year on consultants.

Stop wasting £25,000 wrapping trees.

Stop wasting £69,293 on LGA membership 

Stop wasting money on no hope legal cases yes, there was more than one.

Stop wasting £25,937.64 promoting CWaC Council to other councils.

Stop wasting money  sending more people than necessary to events.

Stop wasting money paying councillors more than they are worth.

Stop wasting money on crap campaigns.

Stop wasting money paying councillors when they are in New Zealand.

Stop wasting money paying senior staff more than they are worth.

Stop wasting money allowing  staff and members to use Facebook whilst at work.

Stop wasting money spending millions on repairing and refitting old buildings only to rent them out for a peppercorn rent that would hardly cover notional interest on the money spent let alone a decent return on the investment money thrown down the drain on vanity projects.

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