Friday, 11 November 2011

Councillors Question Cheshire West Gypsy Site Process

The Labour Group of Cheshire West and Chester Council has "called in" the decision by the Conservative Executive to withdraw proposals to establish two Gypsy and Traveller sites in Saughall and Neston.

Concerns have been expressed by members of the public in all parts of the Borough about the site selection process, which led to unsuitable sites being proposed in Neston and Saughall, before being withdrawn by the Executive on the 2nd November. The Labour Group is asking the Council's Corporate Scrutiny Committee to take a detailed look at the plans, to ensure that any remaining issues are addressed.

"The Executive has shown no contrition and given no apology for the upset and distress they have caused by the unnecessary identification of these sites. What is even more alarming is that one of the Executive members publicly admitted not reading the report upon which his decision was based." [My emphasis]

"We now face months of uncertainty while the Council find another site. Given the confusion their handling of the process has caused so far, how can our communities be confident they will handle this sensitive matter any better in the future?" he added."

My comment: I think it would be an interesting exercise to plot all the suggested sites against the addresses of the executive / decision makers. I hope they don't turn out to be NIMBY elected representatives.

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