Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ofsted publishes Children's Services ratings: CWaC Council POOR!

Ofsted has published their verdicts for Council's Children's Services Departments.

It rates 28 councils (including Hammersmith and Fulham) as "excellent" in this area.

Councils judged to be performing poorly are Staffordshire, Gloucestershire, Slough, Birmingham, Calderdale, Cheshire West and Chester Council, Cornwall, Kent, Peterborough, Salford, Sandwell, Torbay, West Sussex and Worcestershire.

My comment: Yet another CWaC Council failure to add to their long list of failures.

Read the full story from the source Local Government

Also read the Improvement Notice

The report of the inspection of safeguarding and looked after children’s services carried out by Ofsted (published December 2010) which judged the overall effectiveness of Cheshire West and Chester Council’s safeguarding services to be ‘inadequate’. [my emphasis]

Failure to comply with this Improvement Notice by the assessment date may lead to:

The Secretary of State for Education using statutory power of intervention (s497A Education Act 1996) directing the Council to enter into an appropriate arrangement to secure the necessary and rapid improvements required in children’s services.
Also read CWaC Council's response to the report.

Council promises 'decisive action' following critical Ofsted report 

Council leader Mike Jones and chief executive Steve Robinson, who is also chair of West Cheshire Children's Trust, said that "decisive action" was needed following the report. 
During an unannounced visit in September inspectors gave the council's child protection service its most serious grade of "priority action needed".
My comment: Shows what a pathetic job the trust was doing. Also further evidence that you can't 'trust' CWaC Council to do anything right. 

Also read Council promises decisive action

Dr Johns Stephens, Director of Children’s Services, said: “This comprehensive and proactive review of all our cases demonstrates an absolute commitment to do everything within our power to secure the safety of our children and young people.”
My comment: Only CWaC Council could ever describe a reactive review (as a result of a damning Ofsted report) as a proactive review.

UPDATE 23rd November 2011

Read more here (Telegraph article Ofsted: children 'at risk' in fifth of local authorities)

Which also contradicts CWaC's spin.

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