Friday, 11 November 2011

Will the new CWaC service provide long-term support for stroke sufferers?

New service will provide long-term support for stroke sufferers.

Cheshire West and Chester Council is working with the Stroke Association to provide a new long-term service to provide support for stroke sufferers.

In West Cheshire alone there are around 380 people diagnosed as having a stroke each year and an estimated 3,188 people living with its effects of which 1,020 have moderate or severe disability caused by a stroke.

The new service means that patients are now supported beyond an initial six-month intensive re-ablement programme.

Read the full story from the source CWaC Council 

My comment: Will they live up to their promise or is it just more spin? Read an email I recently received from a correspondent and reach your own conclusions. 

"I'm one of the stroke sufferers (mild one in June 2007) and what support have I been offered? I approached both their predecessor CCC and CWaC and got nowhere. I am MEANT to have an Outreach Worker, according to their spin, but was never offered one. If I hadn't got a supportive wife, children and wider family, where would I be now?

That's my personal experience of the councils. After 4 years, I'm mostly fine but have residual numbness on my left and some minor weakness. The main problem I have now is epilepsy as a result of the stroke."

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