Sunday, 4 December 2011

Will Quack CWaC Council ever stop being CWaC-Cers

It has come to my attention that CWaC Council has told staff to stop referring to them as Quack (CWaC) Council.

Apparently any staff calling CWaC Council Quack Council will be disciplined. Which rather goes to prove that CWaC Council is a bit of a Quack Council.

Were they worried that their name makes it easier for people to ridicule them or were the worried that some may confuse them with Wil cwac cwac the Welsh cartoon series?

Below is a You Tube video introducing Wil cwac cwac. Would you be confused or do you think CWaC Council are just a little bit quackers?

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  1. Hi Trevor

    Can you shed any more light on this interesting post in terms of where your information has come from, who is apparently giving these orders and the reasons being offered by managers as to why CWaC can't be called CWaC?

    Feel free to email me privately: or call 07776 493469.


    Dave Holmes
    Chester Chronicle


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